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New Jersey Bets Big on Sports Gambling, Loses - So Far...

The Associated Press reported on Sunday that the state of New Jersey has spent more than $2.8 million in attorney fees since Governor Chris Christie was forced to defend his initiative to issue sports gambling licenses. read more

Saratoga Takes A Stand Against Casino Gambling Expansion

On Tuesday night, a hearing was held with over 300 Saratoga residents in attendance to discuss the issue of expanded casino gambling.After listening to arguments from both sides of the equally split crowd, a resolution was passed to keep Saratoga free of any new casinos. read more

LVS Owner Adelson Pulling the Strings of Politicians in the US

LVS Owner Adelson Pulling the Strings of Politicians in the US Las Vegas Sands multi-billionaire owner Sheldon Adelson has thrown millions of dollars into the campaigns of political leaders across the country and is now using the power he has built up in the system to lead the country towards making Internet gambling illegal on a federal level.It studied the future viability of online gaming in the state and concluded Pennsylvania could reap $307 million in tax revenue annually. read more

Using the uncertainty principle against itself to gain precision

Notice that when I discussed the uncertainty in the phase and amplitude of the light field, I said they had a joint uncertainty.To gain a lot of precision, it's not enough to make a light source that produces a lot of entangled photon pairs per second. read more

Arizona State University are the Heroes of the Dorm

We often read about the price of tuition, and the debt students put themselves in while attempting to get a higher education in the US.The collegiate tournament Heroes of the Dorm came to a conclusion this past weekend with Arizona State University taking the Grand Final and earning themselves $500,000 in scholarships. read more

State Of Decay 2 Release Date Announcement Will Happen At E3 2017

We do know that it will be coming at some point this year for Xbox One and PC, but apparently we’re going to have to wait until E3 to get the specific release date.This news came to light when a fan reached out to developer Undead Labs on Twitter regarding anything happening at this year’s E3, to which they replied with “A release date. read more