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The Division is Mostly Played Solo and Other Stats from the First Month

Tom Clancy’s The Division is just over a month old at this point, which means it’s time for Ubisoft to collect some stats and take a look back at how the game is shaping up.The game has been hugely popular, with millions of players picking up a copy. read more

Dark Souls 3 Class Guide: Which Class to Pick

So, here is our Dark Souls 3 Class Guide, giving you all the info you need to decide which class to pick.With a heavy emphasis on straight combat, new players will likely gravitate toward the Knight for their Dark Souls 3 runs. read more

Bravely Second Guide: Each Character's Base Stats And What They Mean

While min-maxing is definitely possible in this game, the stats for each character are close enough that you’ll be able to find success with each character no matter which job you assign them to.Below you will find descriptions for each of the game’s 8 stats, as well as how each character’s stats are graded. read more