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Dark Souls Board Game Heads To Kickstarter

Steamforged, the team behind the medieval football tabletop game Guild Ball, has announced that they have partnered up with Bandcai Namco to bring a Dark Souls board game to Kickstarter.Last month, it was announced that Bloodborne would be transformed into a tabletop game. read more

Dark Souls may be getting an official board game soon.

Hot on the heels of the announcement of an officially backed Bloodborne card game, we are now receiving information regarding a Kickstarter being formed for a Dark Souls board game.Tabletop game company Steamforged Games -- who previously released the fantasy sports board game Guild Ball --  have announced a partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment to create this new Dark Souls project. read more

Steamforged Games Posts New Dark Souls Details

So, Dark Souls 3 was just released today.Well, before you get back to it, you might want to read on, as Steamforged Games has posted up some new details about their upcoming Dark Souls board game that will be hitting Kickstarter later this month. read more

Dark Souls - The Board Game eclipses 1 million dollars on Kickstarter

This prompted Steamforged, the designers of the game, to write on their Kickstarter page: Now that the campaign has been lived for 24 hours on Kickstarter, it has raised over 1 million dollars.With such massive success, the developers have decided to add the following items to the core Kickstarter pledges: Steamforged is partnering with Bandai Namco to create the game, which is set to be a 1-4 player board game set in the Dark Souls universe. read more