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Tuesday Stream: Mike Fixes the Galaxy with Ratchet & Clank at 2:30pm PT/5:30pm ET

It's the Tuesday Stream and this week I'll be showing off Insomniac Games' remake of Ratchet & Clank!If you haven't already read our review, go check it out before you join me on my adventure. read more

pXLive: YouTube Gaming Schedule - 12/04 to 17/04

And you can't teach that Every week, the Pure Xbox team stream the latest, hottest, and sometimes downright weirdest Xbox One games over on our YouTube Gaming channel.While the schedule is always subject to change (stuff happens, y'know? read more

Hearthstone Card Reveals: Princess Huhuran, Dark Arakkoa, and Shifter Zerus

This article will cover Princess Huhuran, Dark Arakkoa, and Shifter Zerus, bringing the total number of revealed cards to seventy one.Princess Huhuran has great stats for a 5-drop with an ability, and it seems very likely that she'll see play in Standard because of this. read more

Tuesday Stream: Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Beta [Done]

For this week's Tuesday stream, I'll be playing Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta on Xbox One.Expect to see plenty of blood and guts as I get stuck into The Coalition's violent shooter! read more

New Injustice 2 Stream Later Today Will Include New Info

We assumed that the stream would be showing off some new information, which Ed Boon confirmed through his Twitter.Considering a number of new characters were just unveiled, we figure we’ll see new gameplay of characters like Braniac and Poison Ivy, but it would be great to get yet another character reveal as well. read more

Recap Of First Injustice 2 Watchtower Stream

It was only a matter of time before the Chicago based studio started a dev stream to reveal information about their upcoming title.Which as of today, marks the first of many “Watchtower” streams that will happen until the game officially launches this May. read more