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How not to suck at the Saxton Hale Mod-Chapter 1 The Bare Basics (unfinished dont post)

( abbreviated as ) (picture includes of 4 of the "Vanilla Bosses" L to R Vagineer, CBS, Saxton Hale, HHH) Starting off with the basics we have the mod Saxton Hale!which pits 1 player to play as Saxton Hale or the 4 other bosses (selected in a ordered Que list) against the entire server of players playing as the Mercenaries which can be as much as 1 v 31 madness. read more

Stop That tank! New Mod Suggestion

is a mod that replaces the with the robot skins and the Payload Bomb becomes the Tank.Theteam still has its original skin and still has to stop the enemy from taking the bomb to the final checkpoint. read more