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Simple to use – with no wires or complicated tracking systems – the Sulon Q combines the power of the AMD FX-8800P Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) (that comes with AMD Radeon™ R7 graphics) with Sulon's Spatial Processing Unit, to deliver gaming console-quality graphics and full content immersion.This headset is yet another example of AMD powering a growing catalogue of VR headsets with the broad spectrum of AMD products. read more

AMD's Sulon Q is the first all-in-one, tether-free headset for VR & AR -

Look out Oculus Rift and HTC Vive: AMD has announced the Sulon Q, described as the "first and only all-in-one, tether-free, 'wear and play' spatially-aware headset for VR and AR".Put simply it's a virtual reality and augmented reality headset which features an AMD-powered computer that promises to deliver console-quality visuals. read more