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With Super Bowl Betting Over, Gamblers Turn To March Madness

With Super Bowl Betting Over, Gamblers Turn To March Madness The end of the football season is always bittersweet for gamblers.After spending all year betting on football, the Super Bowl is the only game left to wager on, and wager gamblers did. read more

Dragon Ball Super Episode 38 Review: Hit vs Vegeta And Monaka Exposed

Not only does it include the fight between Vegeta vs Hit, but it also revealed the true strength of the mysterious Monaka.We’ve never seen a fighter like this before in Dragon Ball which is cool to see. read more

Return to the True Roots of Star Fox With a Super NES Live Stream [Archived!]

We're just a week out from the launch of the first new Star Fox game in.No, just pretend the series has been dormant since Star Fox 64, OK? read more

The most amazing Super Mario World hack ever -

If you thought coding games was difficult, then how about doing that from within SNES classic Super Mario World?That's exactly what SethBling, p4plus2 and MrCheeze did to implement a version of Flappy Bird. read more

Dragon Ball Super Episode 39 Review: Hit vs Goku Fight Reveals A New Technique

This feels like a throwback to the power ups that were featured in Dragon Ball Z.The fight will continue much to the amazement of Hit and every other character in Dragon Ball Super. read more

Dragon Ball Super Episode 39 Had A Surge In TV Ratings In Japan

The fight between Hit and Goku proved to be a success for Toei Animation as episode 39 of Dragon Ball Super saw a jump in TV ratings compared to episode 38.Facebook user, Gojiitaaf, shared that the rating for Dragon Ball Super episode 39 and it scored a 7. read more

Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 Review: The Wish Is Granted As Champa Saga Ends

With the tournament now over, the fighting has stopped so don’t expect to see action is this episode of Dragon Ball Super.The Omni-King Zeno is the master of all of the 12 universes in Dragon Ball Super. read more

A 'Black Goku' Sounds Like The New Dragon Ball Super Villain Hints Akira Toriyama

It was announced a few days ago that Trunks will be returning in a new Dragon Ball Super saga starting this June.Kanzenshuu translated comments that Akira Toriyama made about the new Dragon Ball Super saga. read more

Dragon Ball Super Titles And Plot Summaries For Episodes 52, 53 And 54 (Spoilers)

Some potential spoilers have been revealed for upcoming episodes for Dragon Ball Super.Not only do we get episode titles, but the plot summaries for them have also been released. read more

Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Review: Was Black Goku's Identity Revealed?

Dragon Ball Super episode 53 was on this week with Beerus, Whis and Goku off to find out the true identity of Black Goku.He also notes to the pair that Black Goku has a time ring made by the Kais. read more

Super Mario Odyssey was Made for Hardcore Gamers says Miyamoto

Sure, we all kind of knew that a 3D Mario game was coming to Nintendo’s latest console, but seeing this was something else.Not only was it taking Mario to new places, it was also a return to the more open world style of play seen in Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. read more

Super Bomberman R Review

There’s a story and campaign contained in Super Bomberman R, but the less specifics we go into for that the better.This is especially appreciated because Super Bomberman R isn’t pushing any boundaries in the visual or audio department. read more

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DB Super Pack 3 DLC Shown Off Ahead Of Release In New Video

We’ve been hearing about the third DLC pack for awhile now, which is known as DB Super Pack 3, and a new gameplay video has been released showcasing the new characters just head of its release.Set to release this coming Tuesday, April 25, DB Super Pack 3 will be adding three playable characters to the game with the movie villain Bojack, as well as two Dragon Ball Super villains in Zamasu and Goku Black Rose. read more

Super Mario Odyssey Release Date Revealed in New T-Rex Filled Trailer

This nugget of info was revealed at the end of a brand new trailer as part of the Nintendo E3 Showcase.The show was packed with big announcements, but Super Mario Odyssey was saved for last, and it was a great finisher, with a new trailer full of awesome gameplay and…a T-Rex? read more