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We need eSports tournaments like Heroes of the Dorm in South Africa

Heroes of the Dorm has wrapped up, and the team from Arizona is walking away with their tuition fees paid.Either, they love sports (or a sport in particular) and will watch and support their team no matter what. read more

Plugin-free Skype on the Web a step closer with Edge support

Since November 2014, Microsoft has been working to build a plugin-free version of Skype that will run in the browser.That work took a step forward today, with support for no-plugin voice and video calling in Microsoft's Edge browser. read more

The Island - Ethereal (Greenlit)

We have been greenlit!Time to put some more work into the next test version. read more

Steam Workshop Support Coming to Sega's Genesis Classics

Now, it seems Sega is opening up some of its older titles to official mod support, at least on Steam.Today, Sega Europe announced the Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub, releasing as a free update for the current Sega Genesis Classics Collection on April 28. read more

Smite Support Guide: Khepri

As a support, you need to know the difference between peel support and front line support.Let's look at Khepri's abilities and how each one fits into the different aspects of the game. read more

Minecraft VR Support Coming in the Next Few Weeks

With Minecraft’s sale to Microsoft though it seemed like those barriers had been torn down, and today we got our first real look at what’s to come for Minecraft VR.In an announcement touting the one year anniversary of the release of Minecraft on Windows 10, Mojang states that Oculus Rift VR support would be coming very soon. read more

EA Isn't Sure About Nintendo NX Support At This Time

With Gamescom currently going on, EA’s Peter Moore sat down with Eurogamer to discuss a variety of different topics, one of which was the Nintendo NX.He was asked what EA’s stance on supporting the NX was, in which he responded. read more