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Dark Souls 3 Guide: Farron Keep Area Guide -

This will give you the locations of key items and the bonfires, as well as how to get into Farron Keep itself, but without substantially spoiling all the exploration and items you can find for yourself.Both these islands have one of the burning signal towers which you need to extinguish to get in Farron Keep, incidentally. read more

Latest Injustice 2 Video Gives A Closer Look At Swamp Thing's Arsenal

With Swamp Thing officially joining the Injustice 2 cast earlier this month, thanks to the reveal video provided by IGN’s long month coverage of NetherRealm Studios upcoming DC Comics based fighter.Check out the latest gameplay video for Injustice 2 below: Speaking of grabs, to make Swamp Thing a true menace to his opponents especially those who tend to zone out or play keep away with their foes. read more