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What You Need To Know About Final Fantasy XV's Flying Car

That’s changing in Final Fantasy XV, which once again puts players in the pilot’s seat.Amid all of the other announcements during the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event in March, the last revelation stole the show for many viewers. read more

Final Fantasy XV PC port could contain extra content cut from console version if developed

It's no secret by now that Square Enix likes the idea of Final Fantasy on Steam.With Final Fantasy XV gearing up for a September 30th release, game director Hajime Tabata stated that he and the development team would take a good, hard look at developing a PC port. read more

Final Fantasy was thought to be a “dying ip” at one point

Everyone has that one Final Fantasy game, that introduced them to the franchise and got them hooked.Whether it was the lacklustre Final Fantasy XIII series, or the lukewarm reception to the online-only Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy hasn’t exactly been a massive hit in its home territory of Japan. read more

Final Fantasy XV is a 'Make or Break' Title for the Franchise

After ten long years, the game that became known as Final Fantasy XV finally has a release date.This September, players will get to play the next mainline Final Fantasy title. read more

GI Show – Final Fantasy XV Impressions, Oddworld's Lorne Lanning

It's an exciting episode of The Game Informer Show this week.Host Ben Hanson is joined by Joe Juba to talk about our trip to Square Enix and to share our exclusive impressions of playing Final Fantasy XV. read more

Square Enix Reflects On Final Fantasy's Drive For Cutting-Edge Tech

Hiroki Chiba was an event planner for Final Fantasy VII (and is currently directing the upcoming World of Final Fantasy), and he can’t remember a lone aspect of development that was the most challenging, because almost all elements were uncharted territory.However, Kitase has been involved with the Final Fantasy franchise since the early ‘90s, serving in leadership roles on hardware-transition titles like Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy XIII. read more

Director Hajime Tabata Talks About Final Fantasy 15 Updates & DLC

Upon hitting another jackpot with the successful franchise, making it one of the top selling games last year, Final Fantasy 15 director, Hajime Tabata discussed in an interview regarding upcoming updates and DLC.As previously mentioned he wanted fans to enjoy the game for a long time, Tabata stated, “The development team worked extremely hard around the clock to finish the development of FFXV…. read more