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Toy Box Tuesday: Into the Cataclysm

With the Cataclysm Timewalking Bonus Event this week, we thought it offered the perfect opportunity to kick off what we’re calling, Toy Box Tuesday.With this toy, you’ll be able to take Pepe with you wherever you go and he almost matches nearly any transmogrification set. read more

Ray Tracing #2: Abstractions

It's going to take me considerably longer than one weekend to build out a ray tracer.Last time, I laid the groundwork to construct a PPM image and output a simple gradient image, like the one below. read more

DOOM Open Beta Extended Due To Fan Requests

If you had a busy weekend and were unable to take part in the recent DOOM open beta then fear not, as the developers have released that they will be extending the beta by one day.The beta phase will not come to an end tonight at 11:59 EST. read more