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Tetris, Running On A Tiny LCD

Besides Doom, Tetris is one game that gets all kinds of silly ports all time.Enthusiast Numeric compressed the game into a 10x16 frame and made it work on a very tiny character display. read more

Someone Ported Flappy Bird To An E-Cigarette

The cyberpunk dystopian future of Blade Runner, with its artificial landscapes, might never become a reality.We’re heading into a much weirder version of the future. read more

How technology uld help millions of female refugees

About 41 per cent of the world's refugees are children, and about half of all refugees are women.A group of coders, designers, NGOs and academics are working to develop technology that can inform and educate female refugees of all ages. read more

'Textalyzers' uld be used to catch distracted drivers

Under the planned law drivers involved in accidents would have their phones tested by police using a "textalyzer", Murphy explained.Failure or refusal to hand over a device would result in the "revocation of the driver's license or permit. read more

Nintendo VR will Focus on Long Play Sessions, Value, and Affordability

PC headsets are already out, and consoles are following suit with the PlayStation VR and Xbox One’s Project Scorpio.However, Nintendo has been a bit quiet on the technology, with nothing official announced, and no real plans. read more