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Gaming: SteamVR Performance Test: Radeon graphi... | Community

Today Valve released the SteamVR Performance Test, one of the first available virtual reality tools to help consumers identify graphics cards ready to power premium virtual reality experiences on the HTC Vive headset.Nonetheless, the test can be run on any PC and does not require a VR headset. read more

Blizzard are running another Overwatch beta stress test this weekend

If you don’t yet have access to the Overwatch closed beta, well, maybe that’s about to change.From Friday, April 15 through Sunday, April 17, we’ll be hosting our second invitation-only Beta Test Weekend! read more

The Island - Ethereal (Greenlit)

We have been greenlit!Time to put some more work into the next test version. read more

Persona 5 Guide: How Many Colors Test Question Answer

This means that you’ll regularly have to attend class, and depending on the day you may or may not be called on to answer a question.This will happen throughout the school year, but there has been one test question in particular that has stumped many. read more