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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Guide: How To Get And Use Taunts

While the single player may be the biggest part of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, the game also boasts a rather fun multiplayer as well.There are 38 total in the game, and we re going to tell you how to get them and then use them in battle. read more

Pokemon Go Guide: How To Make Pokemon Stronger

The basic premise of Pokemon since the very beginning has been to capture a variety of different Pokemon and then raise them to be stronger.This is typically done by battling in other games, but with battling limited to the gyms for now in Pokemon Go, you must go another route to make them stronger. read more

Pokemon Go Guide: How to Heal and Revive Pokemon

We already showed you how to battle with your Pokemon in Pokemon Go.Here’s our guide on how to heal and revive Pokemon in Pokemon Go. read more

Pokemon Go is Dying Because of Niantic's Absurd Decisions

This statement has been said by me and a few thousand (or million) other players of Pokemon Go over the last few weeks.After launching in early July, Pokemon Go became an instant success, quickly overtaking massive services such as Twitter in number of daily users. read more

Tales Of Berseria Guide: How To Level Up Quickly

Tales of Berseria is an action-oriented RPG that will put plenty of enemies in your path throughout the adventure, and being well-prepared for those enemies is crucial in overcoming them.First of all, you gain experience points that go towards leveling up your characters by completing enemy encounters. read more

Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find the Bolt Cutters

Here’s where to find the bolt cutters in Resident Evil 7.Many items in Resident Evil 7 will be off the beaten path, making them tough to locate because you have to go down that specific corridor and open up that specific drawer. read more

Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide: How To Override Machines

The world of Horizon: Zero Dawn is definitely one of the most unique in all of gaming, with robotic creatures that resemble dinosaurs and animals roaming the landscape.Not too far into the game, you will be tasked with overriding a Strider, which is a horse-like machine. read more

Latest Injustice 2 Video Gives A Closer Look At Swamp Thing's Arsenal

With Swamp Thing officially joining the Injustice 2 cast earlier this month, thanks to the reveal video provided by IGN’s long month coverage of NetherRealm Studios upcoming DC Comics based fighter.Check out the latest gameplay video for Injustice 2 below: Speaking of grabs, to make Swamp Thing a true menace to his opponents especially those who tend to zone out or play keep away with their foes. read more

Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide: How To Mount Machines

Horizon: Zero Dawn definitely provides one of the most unique game settings we’ve seen, meshing an older style world with technology.This means on top of the wild animals you see roaming the grasslands and other locations, you will also find machines that resemble different animals and dinosaurs. read more

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

Ghost Recon: Wildlands takes things in a different direction for the long-running series, which is a move that immediately caused controversy among fans.The people fixing the problems are the aforementioned team of Ghosts, lead by your created character and 3 others. read more

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Guide: 10 Tips For Beginners

Ghost Recon: Wildlands features a truly massive world that is loaded with things to do, and at first it can be a little overwhelming.This guide will get you started on the right foot so that your beginning hours are a little less painful. read more

NieR: Automata Guide: How To Buy Trophies Through Secret In-Game Shop

While NieR: Automata is no different, the game actually has a way for you to buy these trophies rather than unlocking them through actual gameplay.Select that and it will unlock the trophy shop. read more

Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide - How to Romance your Crew or Anyone

Ever since the very first game in the series, romancing other characters has been an important part of Mass Effect.It’s no different in Mass Effect: Andromeda, in fact it’s a bit more important and is featured throughout the game in a number of ways. read more