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Don't Starve Together is leaving Early Access later this month

Now, about a year and a half later, Don’t Starve Together is about ready to ship.Don’t Starve Together has been in Early Access since December 2014! read more

The new Prison of Elders in Destiny is now "more competitive"

When Bungie’s second expansion for Destiny arrived, it changed the game in a manner that the first expansion didn’t.It also added in an arena mode, dubbed the Prison of Elders. read more

DriveClub team 'hoping to stay together & do something awesome' - DriveClub for PS4 News

Evolution Studios' senior community manager Jamie Brayshaw has said that the team is "hoping to stay together and do something awesome" following yesterday's announcement that the studio is to close.Speaking to fans on Twitter, Brayshaw said that him and the team were "taking a short break first to refresh & recharge and then we'll be back". read more