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Borgata Moves Towards High-Tech Chips After Poker Scam

The business of poker tournaments has become a big one across the world, and with big money, usually comes people who want to scam their way into the money.That was the case this past Winter when a North Carolina poker player was caught using fake chips at a major tournament in New Jersey. read more

Arizona State University are the Heroes of the Dorm

We often read about the price of tuition, and the debt students put themselves in while attempting to get a higher education in the US.The collegiate tournament Heroes of the Dorm came to a conclusion this past weekend with Arizona State University taking the Grand Final and earning themselves $500,000 in scholarships. read more

Spring Season Tavern Heroes Revamp!

Update: The application deadline has been extended to April 20, and the events deadline has been extended to May 1 for Tavern Hero Qualifiers.Starting Saturday, March 12, approved Fireside Gatherings will be able to host Tavern Hero Qualifiers. read more

Gfinity Tournament Builder App launches globally exclusively for Xbox One -

Gfinity's Tournament Builder App has launched globally exclusively for Xbox One, promising first of its kind tournament creation abilities.The Tournament Builder App provides gamers with a facility not only to compete online, but for the first time to create and manage their own league, ladder and cup competitions for any game that can be played on the Xbox One. read more

Gfinity Launches Tournament Builder on Xbox One

The Gfinity Tournament Builder is a free download that's exclusive to Xbox One and is available now.Cups, Ladders, and Leagues can be created for up to 64 players, though it should be noted that all competing players will need a Gfinity account. read more

New Pokken Tournament Fighter To Be Revealed On July 14

The arcade units have less characters than the home version, with three console exclusives now coming to the arcade, but another announcement is set to be coming soon.As announced through the official Pokken Tournament Japanese Twitter, an update will be coming to the arcade version of Pokken Tournament on July 20 that will add the likes of Garchomp, Braixen, and Shadow Mewtwo. read more