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Players Report The Division Is Wiping Characters On Xbox One

There are multiple reports popping up this evening that the latest patch for Ubisoft’s The Division has, for an unlucky few on Xbox One, resulted in the demise of their character.All the reports are similar; some players on Xbox One (PS4 and PC seem unaffected) log into the game following the update only to find that their character is no longer available to select. read more

The Truth Behind The Division's Bioterrorist Apocalypse

The problem is, once people in New York know there’s something like smallpox there, they really, really want to leave.If the risk of death is higher than the risk of a smallpox attack, the right cost-benefit choice is not to vaccinate. read more

The Division Update 1.1 Trailer Surfaces

Just in time for today's update Following up from a story first published here on pX just 10 days ago, Ubisoft have released a new trailer showing the free v1.1 update in action for Tom Clancy's The Division. read more

Ubisoft opening new studio in the Philippines -

Scheduled to open during the second quarter of 2016, Ubisoft Philippines will work with other Ubisoft studios to help develop "AAA console games", with plans to hire up to 50 people within its first year.It'll also have "close ties" to Ubisoft Singapore, the publisher says, with "a number" of that studio's employees transferring across "to train Ubisoft Philappines' new recruits". read more

PSA: Play Rainbow Six Siege Free This Weekend

Whether you prefer to take hostages or free them, you can do it at no cost for a few days.Ubisoft is making Rainbow Six Siege available for free this weekend on Steam. read more

The Division Is Having A Bad Time

The real-world forum war centers around bugs, changes to the endgame economy, and a handful of exploits found in the new endgame “Incursion” mission.They’re coming in the aftermath of the game’s first major, free post-release update, which hit last week. read more

The Division compensating players with Phoenix Credits for various bugs

These will be handed out to players sometime within the next two weeks.The developer is also compensating Agents with 150 Phoenix Credits if they play this weekend due to the daily missions bug that popped up prior to the release of the 1. read more

Ubisoft vows to punish exploiters, but is it possible?

Is it possible to find and punish exploiters?The question that remains is how are they going to find and punish such exploiters? read more

Disastrous New Division Exploit Lets Players Do Unlimited Damage

The Division has already been having a rough week, and things just keep getting rougher: A newly found exploit lets players temporarily boost their gun’s damage output to game-breaking levels.The exploit requires you to have a specific talent on your gun—the “Competent” talent, which briefly boosts DPS after triggering any ability. read more

When One Teammate Takes The Division Too Seriously

Role-playing as a tough military officer in The Division, while the other players have no idea what’s going on?That could end up really badly, or it could be a fun run. read more

Far Cry Primal’s Survivor Mode Makes The Game Feel Complete

Ubisoft’s caveman adventure Far Cry Primal has been one of the stranger, more beguiling games of 2016.If you’re willing to start a new game to try it, it makes things much more interesting. read more

Ubisoft Announces Champions of Anteria With Playful Trailer

Today sees a surprise announcement from Ubisoft, with the reveal of a new fantasy-themed strategy game.Champions of Anteria looks to offer a different twist on RTS through a combination of hero-focused unit play, upgradeable home strongholds, and learning the ways to interweave five distinct elemental power sets. read more

New Weapon Damage Exploit Found In The Division

Now, things are reaching breaking point with the discovery of a new damage exploit allowing players to kill anything in the game, including other players, in just a few shots.Using a specific High-End weapon talent called Competent and a bit of button bashing in the weapon inventory, players can deliver DPS (Damage Per Second) ranging in the Millions once a sticky bomb or first aid skill is activated. read more

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Betas Set New Record For Ubisoft With 6.8 Million Players

The company has shared some stats from the betas today, where they revealed that they were their most popular betas of all time.Throughout the beta phases for the game nearly 7 million people took part in them, which is a new record for Ubisoft after the previous record-holder of For Honor. read more

Play STEEP For Free Through March 13

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC fans can play the.The free weekend access gives you an opportunity to try out custom gear and grow your athlete's reputation as you discover challenges, earn invites to branded events, and gradually unlock access to dizzying new heights and dangerous runs. read more

Is Ubisoft Teasing New Far Cry 3 Prequel or Remaster?

Is Ubisoft alluding to a new Far Cry game in the works, which could potentially be a prequel or sequel set in the universe of Far Cry 3?Or, will the remastering trend continue and see Far Cry 3 get a modernized version revealed in the weeks ahead? read more

Steep Winterfest Pack Available Now - New Trailer

The Winterfest add-on content brings a new snow sports festival, a winter sled, and a yeti boss to Xbox One, PS4, and PC.Ever wanted to put on a floppy T-Rex costume and chomp your way through herds of inflatable goats, smash through balloons in a wingsuit, or luge down a slalom course while trying to stay balanced on a child-sized metal sled? read more