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Regulations Needed to Stop Criminals at Online Casinos in the USA

Regulations Needed to Stop Criminals at Online Casinos in the USA A new report by McAffee security firm released on Thursday revealed that money laundering and bribes at online casino and poker sites are not only highly probable, but the activities are actually happening right now.A bribe, for instance, might work by a 'donor' playing a poker game heads up against a public official and intentionally losing so that the public official earns the winnings and can cash out. read more

Cheers and Jeers Abound for New UK Online Gambling Law

Cheers and Jeers Abound for New UK Online Gambling Law Everyday consumers, once again, will not be hurt or helped by a law being implemented by a country meant to add further rules and regulations to the mostly confusing online gambling and sports betting industry.The new law this time is from the UK and is meant to force gaming operators in any jurisdiction in which they are already licensed (outside of the UK), to obtain a license from the UK enabling them to offer betting options to UK gamblers. read more

How the UK's National Crime Agency Fights Cybercrime With Hacking of Its Own

Over the past few months, more details about UK law enforcement's closely-guarded use of “equipment interference”—the government's broad term for hacking—have come to light.The evidence gives four examples of how UK law enforcement have used equipment interference, including two relating to NCA cybercrime investigations. read more

Oculus Rift may not hit UK retail stores until July -

Online pre-orders for the headset started shipping to UK customers yesterday, but according to GAME, the device isn't due to arrive in stores for another few months.It won't even be available until after the retail launch of rival VR headset HTC Vive in May, the retailer says, with PlayStation VR to follow up in October. read more

PS4 & Xbox One console sales hit 5.1m in the UK -

The figure was revealed in the firm's financial results earlier today, and suggests that PS4 could be outselling the Xbox One by around 1 million units in the UK.[UPDATE: Following the publication of this story, MCV has reported that actual UK sales could be high as 5. read more

Titanfall 2 Release Date Window Will Be 2016 Says UK Retailer

A UK retailer shows that the release date window for Titanfall 2 will be in the calendar year of 2016.This could be feasible since EA already released a teaser trailer for the game earlier this month. read more

No Man's Sky Sales Drop Hard In The UK As F1 2016 Speeds Ahead

The UK sales chart has been revealed this week and No Man’s Sky didn’t do too well.The game’s sales dropped heavily as F1 2016 raced ahead for pole position. read more

Ghost Recon Wildlands Tops UK Charts Despite Strong Competition

In what has been a incredibly packed first quarter for gaming, with a new console release from Nintendo, numerous exclusives, and highly rated multiplatform titles, Ghost Recon Wildlands surprisingly has topped the UK charts turning out the biggest “Week 1” of the year for any game.Our very own Mike Guarino recently put the game through its paces in our official review and rated Ghost Recon Wildlands a 4/5, citing a lengthy sandbox campaign and gorgeous visuals for the shooter. read more