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Clinton vs. Sanders: Top 8 moments from New York's Democratic debate

The Democratic debate in Brooklyn on Thursday night got pretty intense as the presidential hopefuls duked it out.Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders didn't hold anything back as they criticized each others policy differences among other things. read more

11 ostriches neck-deep in floodwater get rescued in Russia

A flock of ostriches was stranded neck-deep in floodwater, so a team from Russia's Emergency Ministry was sent to the rescue.The operation was led by an ornithologist and included a special floating transport with a giant Gazel truck. read more

Watch this paddleboarder have a crazy close encounter with a whale

An ordinary weekend paddle-boarding session became unforgettable at Oceanside Pier in California when a curious whale decided to check out the action.The whale is caught on video breaching very close to the paddleboarder, who miraculously manages to maintain his standing position during the mammoth animal’s display. read more