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No Man's Sky Update Patch 1.05 Available To Download Now For PS4

Hello Games has released update patch 1.If you own No Man’s Sky on PS4, you will notice that update patch 1. read more

Killing Floor 2 Gets New Map, Weapons, Enemy And More In Free Update

Fans of Killing Floor 2 should log into the game today, as they will be greeted with a free update that adds quite a bit of content to the game.The update is called Tropical Bash, which adds lots of new content to the game including the likes of a new map and a new weapon. read more

Pokemon Go To Get A Major Update Soon

Following its worldwide success, the popular mobile app, Pokemon Go will be getting yet another update focusing on Gen 2 enhancements.Despite the fact that some users were experiencing issues after a recent update, which Niantic is aware of and is currently in the process of patching it up, fans are wondering what the new update may contain. read more

Rocket League Update 1.29 Rolling Out, Check out the Patch Notes

Today sees the latest update hitting the game with Rocket League Update 1.29, bringing some new DLC and other improvements to the experience. read more

Nintendo Switch Day One Update Patches WiFi Problems, Enables eShop

The Nintendo Switch is in our hands, but currently it is little more than a game playing device.Luckily, not everything will be pushed beyond release date, with Nintendo giving details on the Nintendo Switch Day One update that will enable some features that had been missing up until now. read more

TitanFall 2's Live Fire Update Now Live, Double Xp Active Until Monday

After unveiling details of TitanFall 2’s big update last month, which Respawn Entertainment detailed some of the content set to come once the update was released such as the inclusion of new maps, game modes and a playlist that’s tailored made for players.Is now live as of this writing. read more

Rocket League Update 1.30 Rolling Out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

A new Rocket League update is rolling out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.“But Rocket League just got an update,” I hear you saying. read more

Microsoft Tweaks Xbox Achievements With Latest Update

Now a new update today for Xbox One users makes it easier to see just how far away you are from unlocking your next one.That doesn’t seem to be changing with the Switch, a decision that is leading some to question their judgment. read more

Superhot VR Forever Update Coming Next Month

Evolve PR announced today that the highly-anticipated update will launch on March 7th for the Oculus Rift, which will be adding “hours of gameplay” to the game.The following is everything that is included with the Superhot VR Forever update: Endless Mode: Select a battleground and survive for as long as you can. read more

Details Of Nintendo Switch Day 1 System Update Have Been Revealed

Only a few months after being first announced, the Nintendo Switch is mere days from launching around the world.It was recently revealed that there would be a day one system update that would add features like the eShop, and now we know a bit more about that patch. read more

Minecraft Update 1.43 Heading Out Now for PS4 with Big Bug Fixes

Whether it’s with the addition of new features and gameplay mechanics, or just fixing the bugs that those additions introduced to the game, updates roll out all the time.Sometimes these are more focused, delivering patches to specific versions of the always expanding library of Minecraft editions. read more

No Man's Sky Pathfinder Update Adds New Vehicle This Week

Those fans will be rewarded this week with a new Pathfinder update, which is set to add a new vehicle to the game that will aid home planet exploration.A specific release date for the update was not given, and detailed patch notes will be given when the update itself goes live. read more

Ps4 System Update 4.50 Hits Tomorrow with Boost Mode and External HDD Support

The next major PlayStation 4 update hits tomorrow with PS4 System Update 4.Announced in early February this system update promises to bring a lot of highly requested features to the best-selling console. read more

No Man's Sky Path Finder Update Makes the Game Look and Play Better

We saw this before with a massive free update after launch, and today sees the revelation of the next one.No Man’s Sky Path Finder update will bring a bunch of improvements to the game, including improved visuals and brand new vehicles. read more

Rocket League’s New Dropshot Gamemode Announced as Free Update

After debuting with a very minimalist approach to its core game design, Rocket League is expanding once again with a brand new gamemode called Dropshot.Adding onto the already available sets of Hockey, Hoops (Basketball), and Rumble, Dropshot looks like it might be Rocket League’s best new mode since launch, offering a more strategic option that still adds a ton of creativity to the signature Rocket League formula. read more

Hitman's March Update Is Live, Patch Notes Released

The next update for Square Enix’s Hitman is now live, with the game’s March update being available across all supported platforms.The update is simply called “the March update” and brings some gameplay improvements along with bug fixes. read more

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Title Update 2 Out Now On PC, Tomorrow For PS4 & Xbox One

The latest update for Ghost Recon: Wildlands is now available for owners of the PC version of the game to download, and it brings a number of improvements to nagging issues that players have had since launch.The update addresses issues within the game that run across several different aspects of the game, such as missions and narration, the user interface, co-op and more. read more

Rocket League Update 1.31 Patch Notes - Dropshot, Season 4, and More

We’ve been talking about the Rocket League Dropshot Update for some time.Now we’re just a few hours away from its release and Psyonix has issued the Rocket League Update 1. read more

Conan Exiles Gets Update 22 & New Trailer

These include things like new gameplay features, weapons and gear, as well as numerous balancing and performance fixes to make the overall game run more smoothly.This system essentially allows you to customize the color of your armor and outfits within the game, giving your character a more personal touch. read more

Nioh Gets Free Update Adding 10 New Missions

Koei Tecmo has revealed that the new free content update for the game will be adding 10 new missions to the game, which you’ll be able to accept at different points throughout the game’s campaign.One of the new missions has you taking on two disciples of Kensei and Kamiizumi Nobutsuna, Yagyu Munetoshi and Hozoin In’ei, while another features a large yokai boss and his smaller yokai minions. read more