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Rocket League Update 1.31 Patch Notes - Dropshot, Season 4, and More

We’ve been talking about the Rocket League Dropshot Update for some time.Now we’re just a few hours away from its release and Psyonix has issued the Rocket League Update 1. read more

Conan Exiles Gets Update 22 & New Trailer

These include things like new gameplay features, weapons and gear, as well as numerous balancing and performance fixes to make the overall game run more smoothly.This system essentially allows you to customize the color of your armor and outfits within the game, giving your character a more personal touch. read more

Nioh Gets Free Update Adding 10 New Missions

Koei Tecmo has revealed that the new free content update for the game will be adding 10 new missions to the game, which you’ll be able to accept at different points throughout the game’s campaign.One of the new missions has you taking on two disciples of Kensei and Kamiizumi Nobutsuna, Yagyu Munetoshi and Hozoin In’ei, while another features a large yokai boss and his smaller yokai minions. read more

PS4 Pro Update Adds 4K Media Playback, but Still no 4K Blu-ray

That’s still the case, as any update to that would require a hardware change, but it does get a bit closer with a new PS4 Pro update that enables 4K media playback via the Media Player app.The PS4 Pro update should roll out later today, with no impact for regular PS4 owners. read more

Minecraft Glide Update Adds New Free Mini-Game on Consoles

Mojang and 4J Studios have announced another new Minecraft mini-game heading to consoles tomorrow.This new mini-game will be completely free for console players, though more tracks will be paid DLC later on. read more

No Man's Sky Update 1.24 Now Live With Patch Notes

The updates keep rolling for Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky this year, as now the 1.24 update is live across all supported platforms. read more

Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 2.1.0 Is Now Available

The Nintendo Switch has nearly been out a month now and like all modern consoles, it will be getting its fair share of firmware updates.As of right now, Nintendo has rolled out the latest firmware for the Nintendo Switch, which is specifically known as firmware update 2. read more

World Of Warcraft Update 7.2 Is Out Today; Adds New Dungeon

World of Warcraft continues to be supported by Blizzard, and today marks a major update to the game that adds new content and tweaks what’s already there.This update brings the game to version 7. read more

Rocket League Update 1.32 Hitting All Platforms Later Today

A brand new Rocket League update is heading out later today to all platforms, meaning PS4, Xbox One, and PC.This update was announced by Psyonix on the official Rocket League twitter account with few details. read more

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Update 1.1.1 Fixes Some Framerate Drops

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Update 1.The patch notes for this update were quite vague, simply promising “a more pleasant gaming experience”. read more

I Am Setsuna is Getting a Switch Exclusive Battle Mode

The update will give players access to the Temporal Battle Arena, an area where those who have completed the main quest can battle it out with other parties who have done the same.The new mode seems pretty cool, but it has some upset as it will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, arriving on April 13th for the new console. read more

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Update 1.1.2 Rolling Out Now on Switch and Wii U

A brand new patch is rolling out now for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.2 follows after the previous patch that fixed a number of framerate issues that players had been experiencing with the game, especially while in docked mode on Nintendo Switch. read more

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Update 3.0 Out Now On Consoles; Patch Notes Detailed

As we gear up for the release of the Narco Road expansion, Ubisoft has released the 3.One of the big new gameplay features that the update brings to the game is that of weekly challenges. read more

Nintendo Switch System Firmware Update 2.2.0 Is Now Live

The Nintendo Switch has been available for about a month and a half now and not too much has changed with the system since launch day.We received the new system firmware 2. read more

Huge April NBA 2K17 Roster Update Has Changed Many Players in the Game

The NBA playoffs are here, and with that 2K has issued a huge roster update for NBA 2K17 that changes stats and attributes for every player in the league.Below you’ll find the Top Overall players in the game after the update, as well as players by team that have recieved updated OVR rating. read more

Fast RMX Patch Update 1.2 Is Available Now

However, there were still some quality titles in the mix, including Fast RMX, which now has received a new update that brings a few new much awaited features.2 for Fast RMX is now live and is completely free. read more

Destiny Update Rolling Out Now

This latest patch is said to be a Hotfix, fixing some issues that were introduced in a previous update, and generally making some small changes along the way.The big fix, and the one that seemed to prompt Bungie to issue this Hotfix, was a problem where Elimination matches would never end. read more

Minecraft Update 42 and Patch 1.48 Rolling Out Now on Consoles

4J Studios has revealed the patch notes for a new Minecraft update which is rolling out now across all console versions of the game.For Xbox One this is Minecraft Update 42, and for PS4 it is Patch 1. read more

Final Fantasy XV's Free April Update Is Now Live

We learned recently that Final Fantasy XV would be getting a free update that adds several things to the game, and that update is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.The update adds things like decals for the Regalia, rankings to the game’s timed quests and more that should get fans back into the game. read more

Yooka-Laylee Update Coming to Fix Camera and Other Issues

It turned out pretty well, though many had issues with the experience that mostly were holdovers from the genre’s past.Now a new Yooka-Laylee update is coming that looks ready to fix a lot of these problems, while making some key quality of life updates. read more