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Overwatch Uprising Event Starts Today; Brings New PvE Mode, Skins & More

The cat was let out of the bag early thanks to several leaks, but today Blizzard has officially announced Overwatch’s Uprising seasonal event.The event officially kicks off today and will run until May 1st across all supported platforms, which brings some interesting new content to the game. read more

Overwatch Uprising Event Has Begun, Lasts Until May 1st

For Overwatch players wanting to get a better look at he backstory behind Overwatch this is it.Playing this limited time event will allow players to earn Uprising Loot Boxes. read more

Overwatch's Custom Game Saves, Leaderboards & More Re-Enabled

Blizzard announced recently that they had disabled multiple features in Overwatch, which was in response to some problems that arose following the Uprising patch.The company announced recently on Twitter that the custom game saves, leaderboards and arcade modes that they disabled have now been re-enabled. read more