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Players Fire Bullets From Their Faces And Other Weird Counter-Strike Facts

What you are: an awkward flesh mound stapled to a camera, portions of which you have no control over.The always excellent 3kliksphilip has put out a new video in which he explores how player bodies function in Counter-Strike. read more

Valve Blocks Competitor From Putting App On Steam

So I guess Valve is cracking down on the types of non-gaming software they’re allowing onto Steam more so than they used to.Interestingly, it does seem like Itch. read more

Two Oculus-Exclusive Titles Can Now Run On The Vive

Any game you play on the HTC Vive will work with the Oculus Rift.But the Rift has some games that are supposed to only run on Facebook’s VR headset. read more

When Counter-Strike Meets Fallout, Everybody Dies

Counter-Strike is a game of hair-trigger reflexes, twine-thin seconds that stretch like eons.Time literally slows down, and you get to pick shots to maximize strategic potential and/or head-exploding-ness. read more

Rift exclusives hacked to work on Vive; and Oculus isn't pleased

A crafty reddit user has figured out how to make two games exclusive to the Oculus platform playable on the HTC Vive.Lucky's Tale and Oculus Dreamdeck are available for free on the Oculus store, and by downloading some files and following some fairly simple installation instructions, both games can be played using the Vive VR headset. read more

Why Free Money Suddenly Showed Up In Some People's Steam Accounts

Late yesterday, a handful of Steam users suddenly found their Steam wallets flush with a small amount of fresh cash.It began with Steam users receiving somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 gifted to their Steam wallets with no explanation. read more

Six big reasons to hold off on virtual reality

Following the smartphone comparison, virtual reality is like the first iPhone, and it could be awhile before it feels as polished, inclusive, and comparably affordable as say, the iPhone 5C.Here are six reasons to consider holding off on virtual reality — for now: The resolution of Oculus Rift’s earliest prototypes was so low, that its view of virtual reality appeared to be obstructed by a screen door. read more

Rumor: Bitcoin support coming to Steam in the near future through a third party processor

Physical wallets rejoice until the next Steam sale Valve may soon be offering a new way for gamers to pay for their games on Steam.If PayPal and traditional credit cards aren't enough, bitcoin users may soon be able to use their crypto currency instead. read more

Half-Life's Black Mesa Test Chamber, In LEGO Form

One of the most memorable scenes of Half-Life was right at the beginning, when Gordon Freeman woke up in a severely damaged test chamber, realizing that getting out of the facility will be a bit problematic.LEGO builder Dorian Glacet created a superb diorama, called Resonance Cascade, showing the events that led to this very important moment, using LDD and Mecabricks. read more