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Introducing the winged horrors of the Vampire Counts in Total War: Warhammer

Vargheists and Terrorgheists emerge from the darkness for the Vampire Counts army in Total War: Warhammer As the release of Total War: Warhammer -- developed by the epic Creative Assembly -- draws closer, more information about the armies and gameplay are being released.Recently, some trailers for some of the horrors in the Vampire Counts army have been released, and we're pretty terrified! read more

Total War: Warhammer videos focus on Vargheists & Terrorghiest monsters - Total War: Warhammer for PC News

Total War: Warhammer players will have to make good use of winged death dealers the ravenous Vargheists and the blood-curdling Terrorghiest if they are to succeed.As the purest darkness of a Vampire's soul made manifest, Varghiests are truly the stuff of nightmares. read more