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Axiom Verge is coming to Xbox One & Wii U - Axiom Verge for Xbox One News

Axiom Verge, the acclaimed retro-styled action platformer, will launch for Xbox One and Wii U later this year, developer Tom Happ has announced.The game was extremely well received on PS4 and PC, and is coming to Xbox One thanks to new support for the MonoGame framework. read more

Axiom Verge PS Vita Review

When Axiom Verge released for PlayStation 4 and PC last year, it was another indie success story where a game with clear retro influences was able to break through the fog of AAA and actually gain attention and praise.2D platformers always work very well on the Vita thanks to its fantastic genre-fitting design and sharp screen, and Axiom Verge definitely isn’t the game to buck that trend even with the aforementioned control issues. read more

Axiom Verge Review: Play it Again, Sam [Updated for Vita]

Fortunately, developer Tom Happ has done just that with Axiom Verge – and then some.This is classic oldschool gaming philosophy, and it needs to be applied to Axiom Verge. read more