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Yo-Kai Watch 3 Will Release This Summer in Two Versions

No release date for North America or Europe has been confirmed.Although different from his initial town of Sakura New Town, there are plenty of Yo-Kai to be caught. read more

Does Yo-Kai Watch Have a Future in North America?

It's telling that official numbers for Yo-Kai Watch game sales in American territories are hard to come by.Late last year, Level-5 distributed a press release celebrating the sales of 10 million Yo-Kai Watch games. read more

Yo-Kai Watch Review – Ghost in the Shellder

And then there’s Yo-Kai Watch.If you had to whip up a checklist of arbitrary points to cover, Yo-Kai Watch has all the ingredients and then some. read more

The SOLOSCOPE Automatic Watch by XERIC: Time to go Solo.

Let the latest and boldest mechanical watch by XERIC remind you -- and everyone around you -- that you are making your own mark.The SOLOSCOPE Automatic is mechanical, so the motion of your wrist is all it needs for power. read more

Ubisoft Lays Out Big Watch Dogs 2 DLC Plans, Most for Free

Ubisoft just released the full Watch Dogs 2 roadmap, laying out their plans for the game going into the future.What’s surprising to see is how much free content players can expect, including new PvP and co-op modes that will be available at no charge for all players. read more