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Mountain lion roams onto high school campus and students are flipping out

As a mountain lion was roaming the campus of a California high school, the students were telling the whole story on Twitter.Kennedy High School in Granada Hills, California. read more

Honest man Drake calls Rihanna the greatest woman he's ever known

The two performed "Work" together at Rihanna's Anti tour stop in Toronto Thursday night, which apparently went so well that Drake couldn't contain his adoration.Aw, thanks, Drake. read more

Calvin Klein has no interest in Kendall Jenner's Calvin Klein ads

How does Kendall Jenner wear her Calvins?Calvin Klein doesn't really care. read more

Get your free Trump score to find out how much the Donald would like you

Finally, a tool to figure out how much Donald Trump would like you — for those dozens of people who haven't made up their minds about him already."Free Trump Score" is a tongue-in-cheek quiz created by Purpose labs. read more

Bette Midler needs help keeping up with the Kardashians

The way things are going, Bette Midler will soon be marrying into the Kardashian/Jenner/West family.The legendary performer recently inserted herself into the Kardashian Kosmos when she tweeted shade at Kim's nude selfies. read more

11 ostriches neck-deep in floodwater get rescued in Russia

A flock of ostriches was stranded neck-deep in floodwater, so a team from Russia's Emergency Ministry was sent to the rescue.The operation was led by an ornithologist and included a special floating transport with a giant Gazel truck. read more

Beautifully honest illustrations perfectly depict the private lives of women

Arkansas-based artist Sally Nixon's illustrations perfectly depict the lives of women when they are away from the prying eyes of society (or at least just around their best friends).My own daily routine became a great source of inspiration," Nixon told Mashable in an email. read more

Justin Timberlake on Prince: 'He’s somewhere within every song I’ve ever written'

Justin Timberlake remembers the first time he ever heard Prince.He was a 4-year-old in Tennessee; the song was "Raspberry Beret. read more

10 of Prince's most unforgettable collaborations

Of course, he always stole the show.Here are a few of Prince's most spectacular collaborations — each the better for the icon's presence. read more

Watch this paddleboarder have a crazy close encounter with a whale

An ordinary weekend paddle-boarding session became unforgettable at Oceanside Pier in California when a curious whale decided to check out the action.The whale is caught on video breaching very close to the paddleboarder, who miraculously manages to maintain his standing position during the mammoth animal’s display. read more

Prince's fans mourn the death of a pop culture icon

It's challenging to know what to do when a cultural icon you love dies — and sometimes the best place to find solace is Twitter.After learning of Prince's death early this afternoon, fans expressed their grief and confusion all over the web. read more

Teen at Trump rally successfully trolls newspaper with NSFW name

The Baltimore Sun is looking into a story in which reporter Ian Duncan included a quote from what was most likely a trolling teen.In a story about yet another protest at a Donald Trump rally — this time in Maryland — Duncan included a quote from a 19-year-old supposedly named Jack Mehoff. read more

Prince's high school yearbook pics show he slayed from day 1

Teens, this is how you DGAF.Prince, who died Thursday morning at his home, is being remembered as a legendary musician, fashion icon and cultural cornerstone. read more

Justin Bieber is mad someone called Prince 'the last of the greatest living performers'

Justin Bieber is making a lot of people very angry after commenting on musician Andrew Watt's Instagram paying tribute to Prince.While it's true that dismissing an entire generation of musicians isn't the most positive way to pay tribute to Prince, now is not the time to argue, Bieber. read more

6 cover songs Prince put his freaky, fascinating spin on

It's amazing that an artist with a discography as extensive as Prince's found time to cover anyone else's songs.Here are six songs forever changed by Prince's touch. read more

That mind-blowing time James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince performed together

Following Prince's death on Thursday, the Internet is honoring and celebrating the artist by highlighting some of his greatest performances, including the time he joined Michael Jackson and James Brown for a spontaneous jam session.The performance happened on Aug. read more

9 quotes that prove Prince's infinite wisdom will stay with us forever

Prince has died, which doesn't seem possible to the fans who saw him as an otherworldly being.He may have only lived on Earth for 57 years, but his philosophy seemed to stretch thousands of years into the future. read more

Classic Dave Chappelle sketch brings Prince's mad basketball skills to life

Tons of celebrities have excellent stories about Prince.One of the funniest of all time, however, was told by Charlie Murphy on Comedy Central's legendary Chappelle's Show. read more