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Dark Souls 3 Guide: How to Use Weapon Arts or Weapon Skills

The Dark Souls series was already pretty jam packed with content and mechanics before Dark Souls 3 launched.One of these are the Weapon Arts, or Weapon Skills, that many weapons have. read more

NieR: Automata Guide: Where To Find The Dragon Quest Cypress Stick

This one is the Cypress Stick from the Dragon Quest series, and will be a weapon worth seeking out for any longtime fan.Opening up the treasure chest at the end contains the Cypress Stick, which can be opened by any character. read more

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Guide: How To Switch To Your Pistol

You’ll have plenty of different weapons to choose from as you mow down the countless enemies facing you in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, though some you’ll use more than others.You’ll have your sniper rifle equipped by default, though you can switch to your other weapon via the traditional triangle/y-button press. read more

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Guide: How To Repair Silencers

If your plan is to remain undetected during your playthrough of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, then silencers are going to be crucial to your success.As you fire your weapons with a silencer equipped this bar will slowly deplete, resulting in you needing to keep your eye on it constantly. read more

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide: How To Unlock New Proficiency Abilities

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 provides the various characters in your party with Skill Points at each new level reached by gaining experience points, which can then be used to upgrade stats like HP, Strength, as well as provide new abilities.This differs from say Dragon Quest 8, where Skill Points were allocated into different weapons and you received new abilities and upgrades from that specifically weapon type. read more