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PlayStation Plus Subscriber Base Reaches Nearly 21 Million

With PlayStation Plus being a requirement now, the subscriber base keeps growing.Within this discussion, he echoed the previous info that the PS4 has surpassed 40 million in units sold, but also discussed PlayStation Plus. read more

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven Review

While not as well known as series like Naruto and One Piece, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure actually predates both by over a decade in manga form.With over 116 volumes released to date, the recent anime adaptation has brought more attention to the beloved series, which is represented very well in the series spanning JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. read more

Metroid Prime: Federation Force Review

When Nintendo first unveiled Metroid Prime: Federation Force at E3 they did practically none of this.However, setting aside the precedent breaking design, Metroid Prime: Federation Force works fairly well as a co-op adventure. read more

Hitman's January Update Adds Professional Difficulty Level

The first season of IO Interactive’s Hitman reboot came to a conclusion late last year, though their starting off 2017 by adding a new difficulty to the mix.The new difficulty is called the Professional difficulty, which will be coming to the game through a free update on January 31st to coincide with the game’s physical release. read more

For Honor Beta First Impressions: Is it Worth Buying?

But once you resist the urge to throw your fist through your screen long enough to figure it all out, then you will find a pretty fun game buried under all the raging.It’s not perfect, more on that later, but when it works combat feels fun and fresh. read more

Chroma Squad Is Finally Coming To PS4 & Xbox One This May, PS Vita Version Cancelled

In a press release from Bandai Namco Entertainment, they revealed that Chroma Squad will finally be releasing for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in May.The bad news however is that the previously announced PS Vita version of the game has been cancelled. read more

Prey Will Finally Let You Live Out the Dream of Becoming a Roll of Toilet Paper

Bethesda’s Prey is shaping up to be one of the best action games of 2017.We’ve seen a lot from the game, which hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 5th, but today’s newly released video is something a bit different. read more

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's Second DLC Out Now, Watch The Launch Trailer

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided had its second DLC launch today, which is called A Criminal Past.The DLC takes place inside of a prison for augmented humans, and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. read more

Superhot VR Forever Update Coming Next Month

Evolve PR announced today that the highly-anticipated update will launch on March 7th for the Oculus Rift, which will be adding “hours of gameplay” to the game.The following is everything that is included with the Superhot VR Forever update: Endless Mode: Select a battleground and survive for as long as you can. read more

Fast RMX Price, Specs Detailed

Manfred Linzner of development studio Shin’en Multimedia said in an interview with Nintendo Life that Fast RMX will cost $19.99 when it hits the Nintendo eShop, which is five dollars more than Fast Racing Neo, which appeared on the Wii U. read more

Final Fantasy 15's Multiplayer DLC Ties Into The Main Game

“There are a lot of things I can’t really say about the multiplayer future just yet, but it will tie into the game — the main game — at some point in the story.And for the multiplayer feature, we are less focused on playing as the four main characters but rather as an avatar that the user creates themselves. read more

Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide: Which Cauldrons Unlock Machine Override Abilities?

Guerrilla Game’s latest title, Horizon: Zero Dawn, features a vast world to explore that is full of many different types of machines that are based on different animals and dinosaurs.We already explained to you how you can override machines in the game in another guide, which plays a big part in the experience, but there is a way for you to unlock the ability to override the much tougher machines as well. read more

Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide: Which Skills Should You Unlock First?

Horizon: Zero Dawn is far from an easy game, as it can get quite difficult as you advance through the game.Leveling up can help by itself, but the skills that you can then start to unlock can really help even more so. read more

The New Overwatch Game Browser Secures the Game's Longevity for the Future

Earlier today, Overwatch received a new update that contained the usual batch of bug fixes and balance changes which includes the Bastion rework that’s been discussed before.However, the biggest change to come with the update was the addition of the Overwatch Game Browser which, in my opinion, has secured the game’s life for the years to come. read more

Some Nintendo Switch Users Reporting "Blue Screen" Hardware Failure

It wouldn’t be a console launch without some kind of hardware problem, and it looks like one is popping up for the Nintendo Switch.At the moment, it’s unclear if it’s the patch that caused the issue or just an isolated and unrelated hardware defect. read more

Details on Final Fantasy XV Gladiolus DLC and Changes to Chapter 13 Revealed

Starting with Episode Gladiolus, the new trailer presented at the event presented more story and gameplay details.Prince Noctis’ guardian is set to engage on a journey on his own to fight a recurrent figure in the Final Fantasy series, he will make use of new abilities like taking pillars and hitting enemies with them, or performing brutal counterattacks. read more

Yooka-Laylee's Very Small PS4 File Size Revealed

When it comes to downloading a new game these days, gamers are usually met with a huge file size than can take hours to download.Many AAA games can be somewhere around the 40-50 GB range, and some even go beyond that with updates. read more

Destiny 2 PC Version and Release Date Leaked

Sure, we all knew that Destiny 2 was coming.The first Destiny game did not arrive on PC, which angered many gamers who wanted that over a console version. read more

Titanfall 2 Colony Reborn Free DLC & Free Trial Weekend Announced

Developer Respawn Entertainment and publish EA have announced the next free DLC release for last year’s Titanfall 2, which is called Colony Reborn and will be available across all supported platforms on March 30th.Accompanying the new map is a new execution called Curb Check and a new weapon called the R-101. read more