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Star Fox Zero Co-op Mode Gameplay Video Revealed

Nintendo has released a new video showcasing what the gameplay is like in Star Fox Zero while playing the co-op mode.The co-op mode in Star Fox Zero is unique because players aren’t just piloting two spaceships. read more

Farewell Meu Amor - The Film

I have taught as adjunct faculty at Tisch School of the Arts, I am the African Film Festival’s Youth Program resident instructor, and was a mentor in the 2015 Maisha Screenwriting Lab (in Swahili).Farewell Meu Amor is a film that I shot as part of the Ousmane Sembene Award which my film Soko Sonko received at the 2015 Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF). read more

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Natively Supports PC

You can file this under “pleasant surprises,” as one redditor who got his hands on a Nintendo Switch early has learned that the console’s Pro Controller, which gives gamers a more traditional-feeling control scheme, can easily connect to a PC via Bluetooth.The Wii U’s Pro Controller needed a special program to connect it, while the Wii’s remote controller was found to work via Bluetooth as well. read more

Switch Version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Plays Better in Handheld Mode

In a surprising and somewhat discouraging development, there seems to be a trade-off when playing the Nintendo Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on your TV as opposed to the console’s handheld mode.While you will get a better-looking version of the game, as it runs in 900p resolution in TV mode as opposed to 720p in handheld mode, users are noticing a slight dip in performance as the Switch struggles to maintain a 30 frames-per-second frame rate. read more

User Discovers Nintendo Switch Screenshot Limit

The Nintendo Switch makes taking screenshots even simpler than its competitors, the PS4 and Xbox One, with an insanely quick snap after the press of a button.That makes it very easy to just go nuts taking screenshots, but it turns out there’s a limit to how many screenshots you can take. read more

Where is The Wolf Among Us Season 2? 'We Hear You' says Telltale

This game was The Wolf Among Us, and while fans loved every episode of the series we’ve yet to see a Wolf Among Us Season 2.Tucked away within this AMA were a few questions about Telltale’s many other games, including one user who asked if Telltale was planning to release The Wolf Among Us Season 2 any time soon. read more

Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access Patch 1.05 Releases Today

Mass Effect Andromeda released a short while ago as what many have described as a work in progress.While many parts of the game can be praised, others simply aren’t up to the typical standards that Bioware has set for its games. read more