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Might & Magic Heroes VII "Modding in Axeoth" Guide

Aspiring map makers will be happy to see that the official Might & Magic Heroes VII blog has been updated with a guide on how to leverage the new assets included within the Lost Tales of Axeoth content within your own custom-made maps.A little something to get the gears turning: read more

Sherlock Holmes is Back on the Case!

One of the most well-known fictional detectives, Sherlock Holmes, made his first appearance way back in 1887.Holmes’ keen powers of observation, reasoning, and deduction helped to pave the way for advances in real-life detective work within Scotland Yard, so it makes sense that he continues to be beloved by audiences! read more

Werewolves Within is a new VR multiplayer party game from Ubisoft -

Coming to major VR platforms this autumn, Werewolves Within transports players to the medieval village of Gallowston, where they must uncover the werewolves that have been terrorising the townsfolk.The game is played online by five to eight players, each randomly assigned roles at the beginning of the game. read more

Slender: The Arrival Devs Announce New Game Valley, Launches This Summer

The developers responsible for the successful horror game, Slender: The Arrival, have announced that they have a new game coming soon.Blue Isle Studios have revealed that their next game is a first-person adventure game called Valley, which will be released this Summer. read more

Slender: The Arrival dev announces life-and-death adventure Valley - Valley for PS4 News

Blue Isle Studios has announced Valley, a new first-person adventure heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year.Described by the studio as a "first-person adventure like no other", Valley sees players strapping into a powerful 'L. read more

Rumor: The Evil Within 2 Leaked via Job Postings

The Evil Within 2 hasn’t been officially announced, but with the first game being a success, most gamers expected it to be in production by now.However, today sees the first hint that Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks are developing The Evil Within 2 thanks to a job postings that appear to be for the game. read more

The First Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Event Begins Today

After surprising everyone with its quality entry in the previous game, Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer has become a big part of many player’s time with the game.The game just hit a few days ago, and today sees the release of the very first Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer event. read more

Sponsored Reddit post leaks The Evil Within 2

A few hours ago, a sponsored banner appeared on Reddit which was viewed by numerous users.Not only did it feature a somewhat cliche tag line, but it asked gamers to preorder the title by following the link. read more

The Evil Within 2 Release Date Set For Friday October 13th

Both of Bethesda’s big announcements for E3 2017 were leaked ahead of schedule.Wolfenstein 2 was the first surprise and now The Evil Within 2 is another of the rumors that popped up ahead of the conference. read more