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How technology uld help millions of female refugees

About 41 per cent of the world's refugees are children, and about half of all refugees are women.A group of coders, designers, NGOs and academics are working to develop technology that can inform and educate female refugees of all ages. read more

Alison Rapp was fired due to "violation of an internal company policy," says Nintendo -

Alison Rapp has had her employment as Nintendo product marketing specialist terminated, with Nintendo stating the decision was down to a violation of company policy and 'absolutely not' related to ongoing online harassment.It's not clear what this second job entailed, but Rapp has responded on social media claiming she was doing nothing wrong by moonlighting. read more

Beautifully honest illustrations perfectly depict the private lives of women

Arkansas-based artist Sally Nixon's illustrations perfectly depict the lives of women when they are away from the prying eyes of society (or at least just around their best friends).My own daily routine became a great source of inspiration," Nixon told Mashable in an email. read more

Alex St. John's daughter responds to his 'vile' opinions

When Alex St.Now his daughter, Drupal engineer Amilia St. read more

Free The Nipple Music Video

With this song and music video, I am trying to make people more aware of the sexist restrictions women face.Matt Griffo wrote the song "Free The Nipple" based on the widespread campaign of the same name. read more