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Here's the rumoured match card for WWE Payback

Because Payback is a Mel Gibson movie from 1999 that I still regularly watch because of my Lucy Liu crush.According to SEScoops, here’s what the current match card looks like for Payback: That’s a fab line-up already. read more

WWE 2K17 News: Brie Bella And Bray Wyatt Have Been Scanned

As reported by SmackDownHotel, pictures of Brie Bella and Bray Wyatt have been posted by Pixelgun Studio.It’s worth mentioning Sasha Banks was scanned early last year but was sadly not featured in WWE 2K16. read more

The Profane Teachings Of Johnny Rodz, The Wrestler Who Jobbed His Way Into The Hall Of Fame

If there’s anyone who should know what wrestling is really like, it’s Johnny Rodz.That’s why I’m at Gleason’s, the place where Rodz runs his wrestling school. read more

WWE WrestleMania 32: Behind The Scenes - The Miller Report - WWE 2K16 for PS4 News -

WrestleMania 32 is the biggest event in the pro-wrestling calendar.Signalling the end of one WWE year before a new one is born the night after, WrestleMania 32 is 'the showcase of the immortals'. read more

WWE Kevin Owens Interview - WWE 2K16 for PS4 News -

WWE's Kevin Owens is one of the top Superstars in WWE.Having just starred in his first WrestleMania, Simon 'The Miller Report' Miller sat down with Kevin Owens to chat about the event, his experience in climbing ladders, changing lightbulbs and how his finishing move - the Pop-Up Powerbomb - is actually a move 'Miller' came up with. read more

One of many: Chyna's just the latest pro wrestling star to die way too young

But she's far from alone — recent years show a troubling trend of big names from wrestling's glory days passing away far too young.Back in 2003, HBO's Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel ran a segment about deaths in pro wrestling. read more

2K looking To Improve Move-Sets In WWE 2K17 And Beyond

Every year when a WWE video game come out, new wrestlers are added and this also means new move sets.Sometimes the motion capture can be a bit off for some moves so 2K is aiming to improve on this area for WWE 2K17 and future games going forward. read more

The New Day Want To Be On The WWE 2K17 Cover

The cover star(s) haven’t been announced for WWE 2K17 just yet, however a couple of current WWE Superstars are campaigning to be featured on it.In a new interview with GamesMaster (via GamesRadar), Big E said that he and his buddies (The New Day) should be on the cover for WWE 2K17. read more

Full WWE 2K17 Soundtrack Has Been Unleashed

The full WWE 2K17 soundtrack has been revealed and Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs is responsible for choosing the songs in the game.The full soundtrack for WWE 2K17 was revealed by an exclusive report from Billboard. read more