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All the questions Luke Skywalker asked in Star Wars, all at once

The callow, young Luke Skywalker always had a reputation as a whiny little shit, but it was tough to put our finger on the reason why.Now we have the answer: He asks more questions than a five-year-old riding between the front seats of a station wagon. read more

Melanites: Celebrate Brown Boyhood

I founded Melanites to celebrate Brown Boyhood and encourage positive self-expression with creative and educational role play.Our "Action Pals" combine the emotional appeal of a doll and the articulation of an action figure. read more

Judge invalidates warrant that let feds hack Tor-using child porn suspect

A federal judge in Massachusetts Wednesday in favor of a man accused of accessing child pornography through Tor, finding that the warrant issued by a Virginia-based judge was invalid.That malware then led authorities to the computer of defendant Alex Levin, of Norwood, Massachusetts, and they criminally charged him with possession of child pornography. read more