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Face-swapping app breaks in a magical way thanks to vaping

What do you get when you combine video selfies and vaping?You get a floating ghostly vapor face with well over a million hits on YouTube in less than two days. read more

A fan managed to beat Fallout 3 and all of its DLC without healing

While players do become unstoppable killing machines by the time they reach the latter parts of any given Fallout game, the first few hours can be pretty brutal.Injecting yourself with healing stimpaks like they were going out of style is something that no player should be ashamed of. read more

Slitherio, YouTube's Hottest New Game, Is More Fun Than It Has Any Right To Be

I’ve been playing Slitherio non-stop for the past week, and I am not alone in my obsession.Before you know it, you’ve spent hours if not days playing Slitherio. read more

Grant Hinds talks YouTube, Gaming and Life

I’ve always enjoyed podcasts, they’re perfect for travel and gathering information specific to your interests.Thus, I took it upon myself to start my own Podcast series along with Orena; something I’d toyed around with for several months, aimed at gaming culture. read more

The Miller Report Has His Own YouTube Channel -

The Miller Report has now got his own YouTube channel.Because VideoGamerTV just simply couldn't handle the score or the truth. read more

Hero World, the Guitar Hero/DJ Hero MMO that never was

Unseen64 contributer Liam Robertson recently uploaded a Youtube video (above) which revealed details of a cancelled web-based MMO that would have connected the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero games together.Dubbed Hero World, the idea was to have players manage their own clubs and to try to drive as many NPC's to their establishment as possible by hiring players of the various Guitar Hero and DJ Hero titles to play there. read more