Upcoming Star Trek TV show reportedly set before The Next Generation

Star Trek hasn’t had a presence on TV since the short run of Enterprise ended back in 2005. With renewed interest in Star Trek on the big screen, CBS is rebooting TV Trek as well. The show is set to premiere in early 2017, and word is that it will be set before Star Trek: The Next Generation. That also means that it won’t be set in the same timeline as the new movies.

I think most Star Trek fans will be happy to hear this. To understand the distinction, you need to have at least a passing familiarity with the current state of Star Trek canon. The new films started in 2009 with a bit of Spock time travel, which eventually resulted in (spoilers for a seven-year-old movie) the destruction of Vulcan. That created a new timeline (sometimes derisively called the Abrams-verse or JJ-verse), and the storytelling in that timeline hasn’t been fully embraced by fans.

Sources say the events of the first season take place in the original timeline at some point after Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country and before The Next Generation began. This is a mostly unexplored period in the original Star Trek timeline when The Federation and Klingons became allies. It also won’t be set on a ship called Enterprise, and will rely on heavily serialized storylines. Writers will have plenty of freedom to explore the universe.

There’s also some chatter about the new Star Trek being a seasonal anthology. So, each season would tell a different story in a different place or time. The first one is pre-TNG, but it’s possible we’ll get a future season that’s set after the events of The Dominion War or during the run of The Next Generation. It’s all very exciting if you’re a fan of Star Trek.

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