Keep it secret, keep it safe: 6 homes with awesome hidden rooms and passages

Secret rooms and passageways are no longer limited to animated private investigators and a child’s wild imagination. Adults are getting in on the mystery fun, too. From underground wine cellars to hidden “batcave” garages, homeowners are channeling their inner curiosity and getting creative with their homes. Below are some of the most innovative hidden spaces from homes around the globe.

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Transformer Home

Plain walls and doors are boring. Why not jazz up your living room a bit and add a rotating wall? This wall, made up of a black metal framework and plywood, transforms this living room into a kitchen and reveals the home’s television set. The faceted panels can also be set apart and used to separate two individual rooms.

Spiral Cellars

Love wine but can’t find a fresh spot in your home to store your collection? United Kingdom-based company Spiral Cellars can solve this problem for you. The company is well known for its dynamic wine cellars, like this underground beauty that be installed in your ground floor.

Secret Passage in the Kitchen

Sometimes, you need to escape after making dinner for your loved one. This stunning Jefferson, New York home has a secret doorway installed in the kitchen ground floor that leads to another section of the house.

Secret Bookcase Wine Cellar

Sometimes what’s behind a bookcase is even better than what it holds on its shelves. A spacious wine cellar rests behind a bookshelf in this beautiful home in Tacoma, Washington, for example. It definitely comes in handy while you’re submerged in a Danielle Steele novel.

Secret Bathroom

This country-style house is straight out of a fairy tale and rests on a hill in rural Maine. A hidden passageway lies behind a bookcase that’s located in the turquoise-painted common room, allowing quick entry into a secret bathroom. Talk about a great escape.

The Wayne Residence

We thought a house like this only existed in The Dark Knight films. Made to replicate the iconic superhero’s pad, this house was built with an underground parking garage that’s accessible from the house’s tennis court. With illuminated lights on the ceiling and grey tiles on the floor, this will make any average Joe instantly feel like Batman.

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