How to recover music that disappeared from your iPhone

Most of the time, technology is pretty great and makes life a lot easier. The little computers we carry around in our pockets are probably the best example of this, from providing turn-by-turn directions, to giving us a variety of ways to instantly communicate with anyone in the world, to offering a million ways to kill time while waiting in line. However, technology is still pretty flawed, and sometimes does inexplicable things for seemingly no reason at all, like when iTunes suddenly loses track of all your music. If this has happened to you, a quick Google shows that you’re not alone, and for years iPhone owners have suffered from this cruel, seemingly randomly fate.

This issue can actually occur without any human input. You might, for example, be on your way to work in the morning and feel it’s an ASAP Rocky sort of day, but when you take your phone out of your pocket, you find Rocky — and the rest of your music — is all gone even though you haven’t touched your phone since the last time you listened to music. Here’s how to get it all back. Let’s start with the easy things first:

A quick Google finds that a few users have reported the above steps have worked, and while many more users have reported that these steps didn’t work for them, it’s worth trying mainly because it takes no time and might save a lot of effort.

Next up, you’ll need to check if iTunes thinks the missing music is still on your device. The most widely reported iteration of this issue is that iTunes basically “delisted” your music — it’s still there on your device taking up storage space, but iTunes doesn’t recognize it as music.

If the music is just straight-up gone instead of taking up space as musical ghost files, then your best bet is so simply take the unfortunate bug in stride, and manually restore the music to your device. Reports have claimed that sometimes a library sync (rather than manually adding your music) won’t stick.

No one seems to know exactly why this obnoxious issue happens, but with the above methods, you’ll save yourself a lot of research time and can just get to restoring your library.

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