Marvel Facts Comp 7. Taskmaster

So within the first couple hours of the polls being up, Taskmaster was obviously going to be the winner, so I decided to give it to you guys today, and create a new poll for tomorrow. So here you guys go.



The man who would become the Taskmaster was born a prodigious savant of mnemonic talents. He discovered his unusual abilities in childhood when, after watching a cowboy television program, he found he could duplicate the rope tricks he had seen the actors perform. Growing to understand his ability, he saw a man perform a difficult backwards leap from a diving board; he duplicated the dive, but nearly drowned because he didn’t know how to swim. Afterwards, his mother called in psychiatrists who studied his ability, terming it “photographic reflexes.” He employed his talent several times during his youth for professional gain, most notably when he became a star quarterback of his high school football team after watching one pro football game. After graduating high school he contemplated becoming a crimefighter, but decided crime would be more lucrative.

I really hope he'll be in the future movies.

He then began a program of observing the fighting techniques of various super heroes and their techniques through archival television news broadcasts to expand his combat repertoire. Initially committing several grand larcenies, he decided it was smarter to avoid risking direct confrontation with law enforcers, and used his stolen capital to establish himself as a combat trainer for aspiring professional criminals, specializing in producing henchmen for super villains and criminal organizations around the world. Designing a costume, he took the moniker Taskmaster; one unidentified early graduate of his criminal academy would become espionage legend Spymaster. Taskmaster set up the Solomon Institute for the Criminally Insane as a front for one of his training academies, but its administrator Dr. Pernell Solomon developed heart problems and had Taskmaster’s science staff grow him a clone, Selbe, to harvest for a replacement organ; Selbe escaped and ran to the Avengers, who exposed the operation with the aid of their ally Ant-Man. Taskmaster single-handedly held his own against both Captain America and Iron Man in combat; while tempted to test himself against all the Avengers, he realized that he would not be able to run his business from jail and fled after the unfamiliar abilities of obscure robotic Avengers associate Jocasta threw him off balance

Agency X

Trying to make up for the lost profit, Taskmaster returned to mercenary assignments and accepted Sunset Bain’s commission to sabotage a semiconductor being built by Tony Stark. Taskmaster completed the assignment, but when Bain tried to have him killed, he tricked Triads gangs into attacking her, ultimately harming her organization enough that she finally called off her hit. During this time he became involved with Sandi Brandenberg, but eventually broke it off; while they remained friends, he found it difficult to give her up. When Deadpool employed Sandi as a secretary, she brought Taskmaster in to aid him against the Black Swan. Taskmaster helped set Deadpool on the path to facing the Black Swan, and he also found time to execute Sandi’s then-boyfriend when he learned he had beaten her. When Deadpool seemingly died in an explosion battling the Black Swan, Sandi believed the amnesiac Agent X was Deadpool, and Taskmaster trained him on Sandi’s behalf, then aided Agent X and Outlaw when the Four Winds crime family clashed over Agency X’s property. Discovering Agent X was an amalgam of Black Swan's agent Nijo, Deadpool, and Black Swan, they arranged to restore themselves to normal, but when the Black Swan tried to double-cross them, Taskmaster, Outlaw, Sandi and the Eastern Wind helped Deadpool and Agent X defeat Black Swan.

Civil War

The Committee, a cartel of financiers ostensibly dedicated to reviving the US economy through illegal activities, hired Taskmaster to assassinate vigilante Moon Knight, who had been instrumental in defeating them in the past, after their agent the Profile determined that Moon Knight was without friends or determination. Taskmaster found that this was not the case, as Moon Knight’s friends came to aid him, and he tried to get out of his Committee deal, but Moon Knight pursued him to the Committee’s base and defeated him in battle.

Arrested and imprisoned under unrevealed circumstances, Taskmaster was recruited for government service by the CSA during the “Civil War” between US super heroes following passage of the Superhuman Registration Act (SHRA). Assigned to the Thunderbolts, Taskmaster joined other superhuman criminals in attacking Captain America’s anti-SHRA forces. Following Cap’s surrender, Taskmaster was re-arrested, but before being transferred to the Negative Zone prison 42 he was quickly released by Deadpool, who had hoped to re-establish his reputation by defeating Taskmaster in a public display of combat.


SHIELD Commander Maria Hill gave Taskmaster a full presidential pardon after he helped test the defenses of a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. The CSA then recruited him to train three clones of accidentally slain Fifty State Initiative cadet MVP in Spider-Man’s fighting style so they could become Initiative agents as the Scarlet Spiders. Afterwards, Taskmaster was assigned to Camp Hammond as the Fifty State Initiative recruit drill instructor, where his many students included Ant-Man, Bengal, Cloud 9, Crusader, Dragon Lord, Geiger, Komodo, Melee, Rage, Red 9, Speedball, Stature, Triathlon and Ultragirl. Later, super-criminals Firebrand, King Cobra, Mauler and Mister Hyde made a failed attempt to kill the Taskmaster for joining the Initiative. When inept Initiative recruit Butterball was sent home, Taskmaster and Constrictor felt sorry for him and arranged a photo where it looked like Butterball defeated the pair in combat.

After the Skrull invasion, the Initiative fell under the control of corrupt, unstable tycoon Norman Osborn; he restructured it, assigned Taskmaster to the Shadow Initiative along with Bengal, Constructor, Komodo and Mutant Zero, and sent them to Madripoor to apprehend Initiative defector Hardball, who had joined Hydra. Completing the mission, the Shadow Initiative returned home to find Osborn replacing Camp Hammond with his new Camp HAMMER. Osborn placed Taskmaster and supernatural crime boss The Hood in charge of the Initiative and began welcoming many active super-criminals into the organization. These new recruits were supposedly reformed, but Osborn would allow them to continue their criminal careers in secret as long as they posed as heroes in public, so Taskmaster and Hood trained many of these criminals in how to fake heroic behavior. Meanwhile, Taskmaster secretly helped Deadpool battle Osborn’s Thunderbolts as payback for Deadpool previously having helped Taskmaster escape prison.

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