IBM’s Watson is now making custom granola

IBM’s Watson destroyed his human competition on Jeopardy. He conquered the contents of Urban Dictionary. And now he’s helping people make customized granola blends.

Yes, really. That revelation shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, though, because Watson has already demonstrated a well-documented affinity for cooking. Not only has Watson helped run a food truck, but he’s also published Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson and teamed up with Bon Apetit to release an app.

The crew at Bear Naked Custom Made Granola has enlisted Watson’s assistance to help their customers create interesting, unique granola blends. Not everyone knows how to harmoniously blend 40-plus ingredients — especially when those include things you may not normally consider putting in granola –and Watson is happy to offer his two cents.

Maybe you like the sound of their chocolate base blend, but you’re not sure what to add to round out the mix. Watson will chime in with three options, like freeze-dried strawberries or dried cherries. He’ll even throw you a curve ball with more adventurous selections you might never have considered — like dill.

Bear Naked has lots of other unexpected choices, like chipotle oil, dried jalepeño, lavender, and even freeze-dried mushrooms. Those of you who are more culinarily adventurous or seasoned veterans of Kitchen Stadium are free to mix things up without Watson’s help.

OK, so this kind of thing isn’t anywhere near as noble a use of Watson’s cognitive superpowers as helping hospitals analyze digital imagery, offering advice about gene-based therapies, or helping manage care for patients with chronic illnesses. Watson’s got plenty of compute cycles to spare, though, and even an advanced AI needs to do something to unwind, right?

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