Celebrate 420 covertly and conveniently with the best herbal vaporizers

Pax 2 ($230)

The sleek Pax 2 — the second offering from San Francisco-based Pax Labs — combines an iPod-esque design with simple, intuitive controls to provide a reliable and stress-free vaporizing experience. The battery life is much improved from the first edition of the Pax, and the vapor production is outstanding. It boasts a nondescript look and lightweight build, along with one-button operation and color-based LED notifications that render it easy to use and hard to put down. Arguably the most popular portable vaporizer on the market, the Pax 2 earns our seal of approval. Read our full review here.

Magic-Flight Premium Launch Box Kit ($119)


The minuscule Magic Flight Launch Box offers considerable vaporizing power for its $119 price tag. The MFLB’s convection heating chamber heats herbs as efficiently as most conduction vaporizers, and although some might be turned off by the external battery design, it also makes for a shorter wait before the vaporizer is ready for use. While other brands focused on creating more vapor from the same amount of herb, the team at Magic Flight worked on optimizing airflow from the convection chamber to the user, effectively narrowing the performance gap. And the best part? This thing comes with a lifetime warranty.

Firefly Vapor Firefly2 ($330)


For those that crave convenience comes the Firefly2, the sequel to Firefly Vapor’s popular 2014 release. The Firefly2 improves upon the design of the original in nearly every way, and boasts a smaller build that heats up in less than five seconds and fully charges in less than 45 minutes. Capable of vaporizing dry herbs as well as concentrates, the versatility of the Firefly2 is only improved by the release of the official Firefly 2 app for iOS and Android devices, which allows you to change the temperature and various settings with a single touch of your finger.

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