Now you can snap any 22mm band onto your Gear S2 smartwatch, thanks to this adapter

Think your Gear S2’s band is a little lame? Perhaps a little plastic looking? One of the biggest criticisms of the Gear S2 is the fact that it doesn’t offer many customization options after you’ve already bought the device. Today, however, that changes.

Samsung created an adapter for the Gear S2 that will enable users to fit a range of straps to the device, opening up a world of possibilities when it comes to customizability. You don’t even have to get the strap from Samsung — any 20mm strap will do.

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The adapter is available in either dark gray or silver, and all you have to do to attach it is take off the original band and put the adapter where the band would otherwise go.

The adapter is designed to fit in line with the Gear S2’s design, so it barely adds any extra bulk and you don’t even notice that it’s there. You could argue that the watch looks better with the adapter, making the casing appear more tapered.

Unfortunately, the adapter is only available in Germany, Singapore, and South Africa at the moment, but Samsung promises that it will roll out to more countries “soon.”

The Gear S2 was first launched in August 2015, as part of a second wave of wearables that focused on style and functionality. The device runs on Tizen, Samsung’s own operating system, and is currently only compatible with a select few Samsung and Android devices, although rumors suggest that may change in the near future with the arrival of an iOS app.

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