PS4 firmware 3.50 quietly adds support for 4TB hard drives

Upgrading the standard 500GB hard drive included with the PS4 is easy, and the move to a faster and larger 2TB drive does future proof your console for a while. But 2TB isn’t exactly huge. Now it seems Sony has quietly introduced support for larger drives in the latest 3.50 firmware update.

According to Reddit, installing the new firmware allows your PS4 to detect up to 4TB hard drives properly. There’s just one minor issue with this support for more storage: there’s currently no 4TB drives using the 2.5-inch form factor that fit inside the PS4. The internal drive can be no more than 9.5mm thick, so while 4TB 2.5-inch hard drives do exist, they are 15mm thick. So you can’t buy a 4TB drive that will fit inside the standard PS4 case (yet).

Such a limitation isn’t going to stop PS4 owners hooking up a 4TB 3.5-inch drive, though. As long as a connection is made between the PS4 and the drive you can do what you like with the drive. Put it in an enclosure, place the bare drive next to your PS4, or invest in a Nyko Data Bank if you want a clean, although bulky setup.

You may be thinking that hard drives larger than 2TB have been supported for a while, especially seeing as we covered the ability to use up to a 6TB drive last June. However, while that is true, there hasn’t been official support from Sony for more than 2TB of storage. That has meant, for example, the PS4’s Rest Mode didn’t work properly with larger drives (depending on your setup).

Sony released a video showing off some of the other features firmware 3.50 introduces, but there’s no mention of the 4TB drive support. Maybe it’s too niche right now? Or just too messy to make a big deal about due to the fact you have to use a 3.5-inch drive.

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