Exoskeleton turns wearer into an 85-year-old

Ever wanted to instantly become 85 years old? No, neither have I, but the benefit of doing so might make you think long and hard about how well you look after your body and how you treat other people who already are that age. Now, thanks to an exoskeleton and headset combo, you really can temporarily become a very old person.

The exoskeleton forms part of the Genworth Aging Experience created by Genworth Financial Inc. in collaboration with Applied Minds, which specializes in technology, design, and R&D. Genworth sells long term care insurance, so it’s in their interest to get individuals to really understand what old age feels like and how much of a struggle it can be.

Here’s the Genworth R70i exoskeleton in action:

The exoskeleton is able to simulate different joints being debilitated to the point where even a slow walk can leave the wearer out of breath and sweating due to exhaustion. Weight gain can also be simulated and combined with poor joints, compounding the problems. Combine that with the headset introducing multiple vision and hearing issues, and you get an idea of just how difficult it can be for someone at 85, but possibly much younger than that.

Getting old is scary. Nobody wants to lose any movement, vision, or hearing ability, but inevitably we all will. The only thing we do have control over is how we look after our bodies now so as to limit the damage that becomes bad joints, bad eye sight, and poor hearing. Look after yourself and help the elderly whenever you can.

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