New trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story looks like Battlefront the movie

If you heard a strange sound this morning, it was the joyous cries of Star Wars fans (at least, I hope it was) all over the world watching the new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. From the moment the teaser debuted at Star Wars Celebration, there’s been speculation about this new Star Wars movie –– this different kind of Star Wars movie. Instead of the Skywalkers, we have a new group to focus on, and, for the first time since Star Wars debuted in 1977, we’re looking at a movie that is its own beginning, middle, and end.

Unlike any other Star Wars movie, Rogue One is a self-contained story with a plot line that weaves into existing Star Wars canon and tells a different side of an event we’ve already heard about: the theft of the Death Star plans.

I’m going to stay away from telling you what happens in the trailer, save to say that Felicity Jones is a badass, Donnie Yen is a badass, Diego Luna looks like he’s going to be the titular roguish one, Forest Whitaker has not aged a day (I swear, it’s amazing), and Ben Mendelsohn is the best-dressed bad guy I’ve seen in a Star Wars movie to date.

Gareth Edwards said he was going for more of war movie sort of feel — Aliens meets Saving Private Ryan. I don’t know if that’s what we have, but what we have looks pretty damn cool.

Also, I have to say, Mon Mothma looks great.

Check back a little later today when we have a full breakdown of the trailer.

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