If you pirate Quantum Break, Jack Joyce wears an eye patch

This week saw the launch of highly anticipated Xbox One and Windows 10 game Quantum Break from Remedy Entertainment. Microsoft would love you to purchase a copy, especially on the Xbox One, but with piracy being a thing both publisher and developer have decided to do something rather subtle about it using the inevitable DRM.

In Quantum Break you play as Jack Joyce, but if you are using a pirate copy of the game then you’ll be playing a slightly different looking Jack. That’s because Remedy has set the game up to react to detecting piracy by covering Joyce’s left eye with a skull’n’crossbones eye patch. You know, like a pirate would wear.

Some players may actually prefer this look, and others who actually went out and purchased a legal copy are also seeing it accidentally. This is due to the game detecting your copy as a pirate if you aren’t logged into your Microsoft account when playing, as noted in the Quantum Break FAQ. Can we have a slow clap for the Windows Store and it’s less than great games/account integration?

Is this the only change that Remedy makes when piracy is detected? I suspect not. If they took the time to give Jack an eye patch they probably tweaked the gameplay to frustrate pirates, too. Such subtleties are the right way to go about handling piracy. The game still works and it’s unclear what is broken, which takes time to figure out and creates suspicion around the cracked versions. That hopefully leads to more people sitting on the fence about buying or pirating to settle on buying.

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