Raspberry Pi Zero hacked into Game Boy to play tons of games

The classic Game Boy is still a cool little handheld gaming device, if you want to play some retro Game Boy titles. It stands as a testament to the platform that these devices still exist, but what if you don’t want to be limited to Game Boy games on your Game Boy? A modder with the handle “wermy” has sliced up an old Game Boy and added a Raspberry Pi Zero to turn it into the ultimate game emulator handheld.

Just looking at the “Game Boy Zero,” you might not realize there’s anything different about it right away. That’s the cool thing — the device fits inside the standard Game Boy shell. The most obvious change is the addition of two extra buttons next to A and B, which are needed for many of the emulated games. There are also two cleverly disguised L and R bumper buttons on the back in the middle screw holes.

The device has a 3.5-inch composite display, a 2000mAh battery good for about 3.5 hours of use, and a Raspberry Pi Zero micro-computer. There’s a Teensy LC controller wired in that makes the buttons work as keyboard inputs, but there’s also a USB port and miniHDMI-out if you want to attach it to a TV. Probably the coolest part of the build is wermy’s modified game cartridge with an integrated SD card to hold the RetroPi emulation software.

The Game Boy Zero can play game ROMs from the SNES, NES, Mame, and of course the Game Boy. There’s some information on the build on Reddit, but it’ll take some electronics expertise to replicate the Game Boy Zero at home.

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