Spring back faster with 7 gadgets that speed your workout recovery

Nothing puts a cramp in your gym style like an actual cramp. Recovery is vital to efficient training; if you’re sore for days you simply can’t perform at your peak. Sometimes, injuries can knock us down and make it hard to get moving again, especially when every step or swing is painful. Post-workout, when your adrenaline has just worn off, is often when aches really set in and you begin to feel which muscles were under strain.

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The thing is, you want to feel the burn. It’s this sensation, in part, that signals your muscles are working at straining on a microscopic level. It’s when you rest and the muscle rebuilds that gains are truly determined. The process of building a muscle involves breaking it down, so recuperation time is a critical part of training. The shorter the recovery time, the faster training can lead to gains.

There are many ways to recover, and the regiments should be unique to the person. But some blanket rules apply to everyone, and some companies are known for manufacturing quality recovery gear. Keep in mind that strong recovery needs more than just gadgets, however, like a proper sleep and a healthy diet. That’s what fitness trackers are for; they can deliver info that allows wearers to make educated choices about what to eat or when to take a nap or a day off. Still, your Apple Watch can’t hold an ice-pack to your knee or give you electric muscle therapy. Below are a few of our favorite pieces of recovery gear, from braces to foam rollers.

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