’s what to watch: Hardcore Henry, Fear the Walking Dead & more

Now that all the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hoopla has died down (right along with ticket sales, zing!) Hollywood seems ready to bring out a nice mix of smaller films that all look pretty interesting. You have a first-person action flick, a brain-tingling thriller, a bonkers comedy, and even more zombies on TV.

Video games might still be trying to get a foothold in the film industry as far as source material goes, but Hardcore Henry clearly borrows from that aesthetic for what looks to be an intense, first-person viewing experience. Shot entirely in first person POV thanks to head-mounted GoPro Hero 3 cameras, the non-stop action thriller looks like the awesomely illegitimate child of Crank and Dredd as the title character, now a cybernetically altered super-soldier, searches Moscow for his wife. The film — which stars Haley Bennett, Sharlto Copely and Tim Roth — opens this weekend.

Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation — which screened at last year’s Stanley Film Festival — plans to offer theater-goers a completely different kind of intense ride. This one revolves around a guy heading to his ex’s house for a dinner party that may or may not have nefarious machinations working in the background. Whether he’s just being paranoid or an evil plot is a foot, it seems like everyone in the cast came to play and give you an eye-grabbing psychological thriller.

Watch out, this next one is a red band trailer and pretty deep in the NSFW camp:

Melissa McCarthy continues to be the hardest working women in showbiz. In addition to two films hitting this year — including Ghostbusters — she also stars in the super-popular sitcom Mike & Molly. The other movie, The Boss, debuts this week and revolves around a disgraced mogul who moves in with her former assistant after getting out of jail and encouraging a troupe of young ladies to excel at selling cookies. Delightfully foul mouthed and surprisingly violent, The Boss comes from the minds of McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone who also directed. Don’t be surprised if this R-rated comedy starring Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage, Kathy Bates, Kristen Schaal and Cecily Strong pops up as one of the more successful films in that genre this year, especially for people who like to see full-on gang fights between groups of children.

With The Walking Dead recently wrapped for the season, it’s time to shift gears to the spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead which debuts on Sunday, April 10 on AMC. The second season kicks off with an episode called “Monster” that looks to put a whole new spin on “a day at the beach.” Are you ready for the zombie jamboree to continue or are all these rotting corpses starting to stink? Let us know in the comments!

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