The craziest feats ever performed in Mario games

Plumber and savior of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Mario (his name, look it up), is a pretty uncomplicated guy, right? He can run, jump, sometimes throw fireballs or turn into a raccoon, and that’s about it. The many, many games he stars in aren’t known for pushing the envelope too far. Gamers, though — gamers can push the envelope. And the open, exploratory nature of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros games have made them a canvas for glitch artists, speed runners, and other joystick jockeys to do some really insane things.

In this feature, we’ll share eleven exceptional examples of gamers stretching the world of Super Mario to the absolute limits, from removing vital features to making them play entirely different games. All of these feats were done with consumer copies of the game — no hacking or modifying beforehand, just incredible ingenuity. Grab a mushroom and let’s get to it.

The greatest thing about this feature is that, even though many of these games are old enough to smoke cigarettes and have babies, people are still discovering crazy things to do with them. We may have an unbeatable land speed record for Super Mario Bros, but all the other games in the franchise are just waiting to have the same level of obsession applied to them. What secrets will be revealed? What glitches will be found? Stick with us, kid. We’ll keep you in the loop.

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