John Romero teases new game by parodying Star Wars: The Force Awakens

John Romero has recently revealed that he is working on a new shooter with Night Work Games that is unlike anything else we’ve ever seen. We’ll finally learn more about it on Monday April 25 when the game is officially announced. This announcement of an announcement could have been done in a standard fashion, but being that this is John Romero, we’re treated to a hilarious video that parodies the finale of the latest Star Wars film.

Much like how The Force Awakens‘ Rey parks the Millennium Falcon on a deserted island before setting off on foot to find Luke Skywalker, we see Adrian Carmack — who is the co-creator of Doom and Quake — park his vehicle before going on a trek to find Romero. Romero is standing with his back to the camera while staring off into the horizon just like Luke was in the movie. When Romero turns to acknowledge Carmack’s presence, the developer shows him a mouse and keyboard, letting Romero know that it’s time to return to making shooters.

Unlike Luke, we know that Romero hasn’t exactly been on some remote isle looking like a bad-ass while inexplicably staring at nothing. The legendary developer recently released a new level for Doom 21 years after the game’s release. At the time, it seemed peculiar that Romero would just randomly create a new Doom level, but now that we know he is working on a new shooter, it doesn’t seem so odd. Perhaps the developer was preparing to get his hands dirty with his newest venture and wanted to get the rust out.

We’ll find out more about this game on Monday so stay tuned for news on that when it is released.

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